Can You Save Money With Cloth Diapers?

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This cost comparison between fabric diapers and disposable overnight diapers comes from my husband Volker, who wrote this post for my blog in July 2015. I hope you enjoy reading!

best cloth diapers

The conversations at our booth at the last BRN in June (the BRN is the BunteRepublik Neustadt – this is our quarter in Dresden Neustadt) reminded me to finally write a long planned blog contribution. As with past markets or trade fairs, where I was allowed to take care of the stand of the diaper manufactory, I also noticed this very special reaction of the conversation partners when I called the prices for the diaper system of the diaper manufactory. This reaction, which takes place in a fraction of a second, hardly perceptible reaction, this slight contraction. The moment in which the customer thinks: “Wow are cloth diapers expensive”. Yes, at first glance are good cloth diapers expensive, modern and high quality even more.

Disposable diapers are, on the other hand, incredibly cheap. Since you get a diaper for a few cents. It is clear, however, that one comes with disposable diapers much cheaper.

Stop! Is this really so?

The first time I have researched for the then planned contribution about two years ago. And I was very amazed when I found blog posts that claimed the exact opposite. Wrapping with fabric twins would be more favourable. At first, I thought to myself: Sure, the sell fabric twins, it would be stupid to claim anything else. But the more I read into the subject, the clearer it became to me: True. With fabric twists you can save money. And quite a lot.

It is important to me at the beginning to emphasize that I cannot, of course, be regarded as neutral. My wife earns her money with cloth twins. Nevertheless, I have attempted to carry out a comparison which is as objective as possible. Do you ask yourself whether I have succeeded and question my details!


I go to some websites post only on the financial aspects of the diapers. Other reasons to choose one of the two diaper types are not important. Should you be interested in a general introduction to cloth diapers, so you’ll find at our cloth diaper advisor.

Since I am a university graduate and not just what other bloggers have already written very well on the subject, I was able to write with my words, I could not let me take my bony-crazy business knowledge. In addition, I spend almost every day in front of Excel spreadsheets (and like that too!).So I’ve created one for comparing the cost of fabric diapers and disposable diapers. I have prepared so that you can change it with your data and the corresponding Excel file can create your individual comparison.

My conclusion was clearly that even with the use of favourable disposable diapers you can save with cloth diapers. If you use cloth diapers with several children, the saving is enormous.

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