The Best Golf GPS Watch Reviews in 2017

Updating your hitting the fairway diversion is not just about time at the range or on the course, or about sprinkling money on new clubs – it is about attempting new things as well.

The colossal news is that movement following and games GPS devices are not just reasonable, they are better than anyone might have expected – particularly for golf. Read these golf GPS watch reviews to know more!

Get your separation to the green, have your equipment track your shots and even enhance your swing – tech is here to enhance your diversion, and these are the best offerings accessible right at this point.

beginner golfer

TomTom Golfer 2

This is a watch and application combo

  • Hues: Light Gray, Black
  • Automatic shot identification
  • Valuable app
  • Fundamental for the cash
  • Not multi-brandish

Following your amusement without lifting a pencil is one motivation to wear this watch. But, different GPS observes likewise offer programmed shot location. A prime offering of this model is examination of amusement information utilizing the MySports application.

This application gives you a chance to audit shot examples, so you can check whether you are missing fairways to one side more than the privilege, for instance, or you can think about a similar opening crosswise over various rounds of the 40 thousand put away courses.

At last, it ought to make following your amusement simpler when out on the course, and empower you to continue dealing with your diversion when you’re back at the clubhouse.

Bushnell Neo Ion


They’re heaps of courses and heaps of life

  • Hues: Charcoal, Black
  • Waterproof
  • Durable battery
  • Colorful band will not suit all styles
  • Not multi-sport

This smooth wearable packs in a strong 35 thousand courses in thirty nations, and the smarts to consequently perceive where you’re.

Bushnell Neo Ion will likewise record opening advances consequently, in the wake of offering convenient shot separation readings to help you prepare.

Battery life is a decent sixteen hours, which ought to mean around three full adjusts before a charge is required – more than most can claim to offer. Besides, it is waterproof – so no reasons for playing reasonable climate golf as it were.

ScoreBand Golfer

It’s a shabby and fundamental, yet a strong watch

  • Hues: Black
  • Waterproof
  • Cheap
  • Slightly monstrous
  • Basic highlight set

It is not the prettiest golf keeps an eye out there that’s without a doubt, but, the ScoreBand Golf is additionally a standout amongst the most reasonable.

That implies you ought to, justifiably; bring down your desires regarding highlights, however.

Beat highlights incorporate score cards, shot separation estimations and more than 27 thousand pre-stacked courses.

It is likewise water-safe. It can auto-distinguish the closest course, and it can accumulate to ten rounds of golf, so it has the nuts and bolts secured.

Callaway GPS Sport Watch

It’s an element stuffed alternative at a sensible cost

  • Hues: White, Black
  • Only two shading choices
  • Great battery life
  • Plain plan
  • Tracks as you play

As a wonderful golf brand, GPS Sports Watch which comes from Callaway is stuffed with elements.

The 30 thousand courses, which this watch can auto-perceive, are followed when you play, which means access to green lay-up and convey separations, and in addition perils and puppy legs.

It will likewise auto score and track your means. The battery ought to last in the vicinity of ten-and twelve hours in GPS mode, putting it close to the highest point of the life span heap.

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