Things To Know About The Best Catchers Gear

The catcher plays the most important role in all sports. Even though it’s not obvious as watching a game, being catchers relates many characters such as assisting pitchers, managing, supporting the leadership, and controlling play conditions and positions in a game. The main responsibilities of catchers certainly are catching balls, preventing runners from stealing bases and that’s quite difficult to master all essential skills. However, this position is also interesting as well as challenging. It’s not surprising that most former catchers tend to become managers of professional teams after their playing periods end.

Possibly, the most consideration catchers often have is deciding types of equipment to wear. Even though it’s not in the similar field, you can imagine that choosing right equipment is the same as buying a car. Notify that you will have to wear this gear for a very long time in hot conditions, especially when you play in summer days. Since that can be extremely difficult, we provide this article as a helpful instruction to help you choose the best catchers gear in 2017 seasons.

This article includes all things of the catcher gears so that you can learn how to choose a good one. Browse the list below and gather useful information related to the gear overviews for catchers. They will help you understand what the best equipment for catchers is and learn about top brands in this field, such as Wilson, All-Star, Easton, and more. We provide readers with amazing news on factors relating to the best catcher gears including protection, durability, price ranges, leading products, and others.


When you are looking for the high-quality catcher gear, the first thing to do is writing down all your needs. You are a competitive player and require all the whistles and bells, or you’re just an amateur catcher and need standard equipment for playing in local games. Below is information about main features of the best catcher gear.

  • Protection: this is the most important aspect of all sports equipment.
  • Durability: the high-quality catcher gears are not cheap so that a player can use them through various seasons.
  • Comfort: a catcher has to sit during a game so you will need the good gears and extra features to increase the comfort in wearing.
  • Price: if you intend to be a professional catcher, your budget for gears becomes higher in the future so you should consider it carefully.
  • Brand: although famous brands with a long history ensure the high-quality products, you also can think of new companies if you find the fit things, such as Mizuno or Easton products.
  • Sizes: certainly, adult sized tools aren’t suitable for children players and vice versa. Thus, ensure to take correct measurements to get the proper set for the body.

Essential gears of the catcher

As a catcher, you’ll require some main pieces and accessories for a game, such as chest protectors, mask, knee savers, leg guards, chest guards, and mitts. However, in many situations, you don’t need to buy these things separately. Many companies, online shops, and local stores provide a full set including all basic items. In most cases, they are on discount so you can save a lot of money.

Gears of the professionals

Beginners often ask what brands professionals often use. Below are some common brands top players often wear in the famous leagues:

  • Wilson
  • Rawlings
  • Mizuno
  • All Star
  • Under Armour
  • Nike
  • Louisville

Easton is also a famous brand but they are ideal options for professional players. The reason is that their products generally don’t offer endorsements for experts to use them. Thus, even though you can’t see them be worn in big games, they are commonly seen in little leagues around the country. They are also popular items for daily players

Another favorite choice is Under Armour products. The reason is that these producers know what athletes need and provide advanced gears quickly and continuously.

With that useful news above, we hope you can find the right one for your needs. Learning good details always can help you make an exact decision. Also, the fit gears will make your performance better and more successful. If you want to learn more about new gears this year, seeing reviews of other customers or professionals’ advice is a good way to choose your right equipment.

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