Top 5 Tomb in Hue City

There are so many cities to visit in the whole world. But, if you love traveling, then you will surely find Hue City interesting. It is one of the cities in the central part of Vietnam. Hue City is the old imperial capital of Vietnam. Among the beautiful spots of the city, one that you must not fail to visit is the Imperial City, where you can find the Forbidden Gate, temples, and tombs. But of course, you will find here a landmark called, the Perfume River. So, if it sounds adventurous and exciting to you, then you must start booking for a flight and get yourself ready for a different kind of experience in Hue City.

You can move around the city of Hue in various ways. You can go by taxi, motorbike, bicycle, cycle or simply on foot. When you are wandering around, make sure to roam along the Perfume River or Hurong Giang. On the northern side of the city, you can find a great place to relax. Some restaurants, hotels and a park with strange sculptures. Whatever they are, there must be a story behind those sculptures. So, feel free to hang around and try to talk to the friendly faces to hear old stories of the city.

Tombs of the Noble Emperors

In the southern part of the city and along the Perfume River, you will find the royal tombs of the emperors. This had been a great attraction to the Hue City. From the city, you can reach the tombs by taxi, bicycle or boat. But, it would be a great idea to cruise the Perfume River by boat. It might be more expensive, but you will surely enjoy cruising along the Perfume River.

Do you even have an idea why it was named as, the Perfume River? Do you think you will find flowers blooming on the river? Are the flowers planted on the river? Those might be some of your questions. To give you an idea. There are orchards along the river and during the Autumn Season, flowers are falling into the river. Those flowers are the ones giving a floral smell to the river. This must be the reason why it was called, the Perfume River.

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Now for the tombs of the royal emperors, it would be nice to pay them a visit. Many tourists come to the Imperial City for this attraction. Your tour guide will surely tell you stories about the tombs and the greatness of the emperors.

The Tomb of Minh Mang is 12km long. Before entering, you will find a mausoleum. This tomb is inside a wall. But, as you visit the tomb, you will find various buildings arranged in a certain axis from east to west. You will also find a courtyard that is surrounded by fighter statues, temples and pavilions.

Next, you will find the Tomb of Tri, which is 8km long. It was constructed in 1848. This emperor ruled only for 7 years, but the people loved him and his family because he is a kind of ruler who thinks about the living of his people. And as his last will, he wished to be placed in a simple tomb and not an extravagant resting place.

Another is the Tomb of Tu Duc, which is 7km long. It was built from 1864 – 1867. You can find here a huge and complex plan of around 50 buildings that were located around a lake. You can also find here wooden pavilions, tombs and temples. In those buildings, you can see a reflection of his nature and poetic personality.

We also have the Tomb of Khai Dinh, which is 10km long. It is a grand and a compact place that was built in 1925. This tomb is classic in European architecture with statues and dragon mosaics. You can find a small temple on the right part of the tomb. It is also on this spot, where you can have a nice sight of the tomb.

Lastly, we have the Tomb of Dong Khanh, which is 8km long. It was constructed in 1917. This tomb is still under construction, but you can check out the entrance gate and the façade of the temple.

Beth learned to love Southeast Asian countries. She had been to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Singapore. What she can’t forget is a warm visit to Hue City. Here she enjoyed various foods and tourist spots. Soon, she would like to come again and embrace the beauty and history of the country.”

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